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Scholarships & Financial Support

Under the Polytech Excellence framework Polytech Group offers about 30 scholarships for 2 academic years - about 630 € over 20 months - to the students who have been selectedfrom the partner institutions.

The beneficiaries of the grant will not have to pay for the tuition fees or for the wellfare services.

For the selected non granted students, the tuitions fees are equivalent to the regular fees charged for the other engineering degrees (about 350 Euro per year + 320 Euro for wellfare services). Accomodation and living expenses are not included.

The Polytech Group may also provide to non granted students some supports through difefrent grant schemes which may be available from time to time and according to specific requirements. Feel free to request more details on that issue.

The annual cost of the course is 12,000 Euro. The tuition fees will charged according to the specific situation of each candidate and the financial support that may provided.

Admission criteria

Minimum qualification is 2nd class degree from partner university (BSc) or its equivalent. Preferred first degree subjects are Engineering (any branch), Environmental Sciences, Physics, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology or a similar subject.

Advanced level Mathematics is required.

Teaching language is essentially French and a minimum B2 level i srequested. Certificate has to be produced within application. Due to the high level of expectation, candidates must have a good practice of English and TOEFL score of minimum 575 (or equivalent) is required.

Evaluation of the level of scientific and engineering knowledge, as well as the level of English of each candidate is made by the Polytech Group.

Selection Process

The selection of candidates is realised by the Polytech Group Selection Board and follows international rules, excellence of candidates, motivation and professional objectives according to the engineering specialization they wish to follow.

The selection board provide direct information to the selected candidates and provide support for all administrative issues (visa, travel organization, housing in the hosting Polytech school, etc.).

2017 - 2018

Polytech Group is offering under Polytech Excellence framework the following possibities to the candidates. For each speciality, 4 admissions are open and represent a total of 188 for 2016.

Domain 1: Water engineering and Environmental sciences

  • Polytech Montpellier Sciences et technologies de l'eau
  • Polytech Nice-Sophia Génie de l'eau
  • Polytech Tours Génie de l'aménagement
  • Polytech Grenoble Prévention des risques
  • Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Environnement batiment energie

Domain 2: Electronics engineering

  • Polytech Grenoble Informatique industrielle et instrumentation
  • Polytech Grenoble Technologies de l'information pour la santé
  • Polytech Lille Informatique, microélectronique, automatique
  • Polytech Marseille Microélectronique et télécommunications
  • Polytech Montpellier Microélectronique et automatique
  • Polytech Nice-Sophia Electronique
  • Polytech Orléans Ecotechnologies électroniques et optiques
  • Polytech Tours Electronique et systèmes de l'énergie électrique
  • Polytech Paris-Sud Electronique, énergies, systèmes
  • Polytech Paris-Sud Photonique et systèmes optroniques
  • Polytech Nantes Génie électrique
  • Polytech Nantes Electronique et technologies numériques
  • Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Instrumentation, automatique, informatique
  • Polytech Lyon Génie Biomédical
  • Polytech Lyon Systèmes Industriels et Robotique

Domain 3: Energy & Process engineering

  • Polytech Montpellier Energétique, énergies renouvelables
  • Polytech Marseille Mécanique, énergétique
  • Polytech Lyon Mécanique
  • Polytech Lyon Systèmes Industriels et Robotique
  • Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Environnement batiment energie

Domain 4: Biotechnology, Bioengineering and food science

  • Polytech Clermont-Ferrand Génie biologique
  • Polytech Lille Génie biologique et alimentaire
  • Polytech Montpellier Sciences et technologies des industries alimentaires
  • Polytech Nice-Sophia Génie biologique
  • Polytech Paris-UPMC Agroalimentaire

Domain 5: Biomedical engineering

  • Polytech Paris-Sud Photonique et systèmes optroniques
  • Polytech Lyon Génie Biomédical
  • Polytech Marseille Génie Biomédical

Domain 6: Civil engineering

  • Polytech Clermont-Ferrand Génie civil
  • Polytech Grenoble Géotechnique
  • Polytech Lille Géotechnique, génie civil
  • Polytech Orléans Génie civil et géo-environnement
  • Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Environnement batiment energie

Domain 8: Computer science

  • Polytech Grenoble Réseaux informatiques et communication multimédia
  • Polytech Marseille Informatique, réseaux et multimédia
  • Polytech Montpellier Informatique et gestion
  • Polytech Paris-UPMC Electronique et informatique
  • Polytech Tours Informatique
  • Polytech Paris-Sud Informatique
  • Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Instrumentation, automatique, informatique
  • Polytech Lyon Informatique
  • Polytech Nantes Informatique

Domain 9: Materials science

  • Polytech Grenoble Matériaux
  • Polytech Lille Matériaux
  • Polytech Marseille Matériaux
  • Polytech Montpellier Matériaux
  • Polytech Paris-UPMC Matériaux
  • Polytech Paris-Sud Matériaux
  • Polytech Lyon Matériaux et Ingénierie des Surfaces
  • Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Mécanique-matériaux

Domain 10: Applied mathematics

  • Polytech Nice-Sophia Mathématiques appliquées et modélisation
  • Polytech Lyon Mathématiques appliquées et modélisation

Domain 11: Mechanical engineering

  • Polytech Lille Mécanique
  • Polytech Montpellier Mécanique et interactions
  • Polytech Orléans Mécanique, énergétique, matériaux, mécatronique
  • Polytech Paris-UPMC Robotique
  • Polytech Tours Mécanique et conception des systèmes
  • Polytech Marseille Mécanique, énergétique
  • Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Mécanique et matériaux
  • Polytech Lyon Mécanique

Online Application Form

The online application form is available here. Please select the following icon and fill in the online document. All data will be transmitted directly to the selection board.

Thank you for your participation!

Application Form link

If you face some difficulties withthe online formular, you will find a version to download, to complete and send back.


The first deadline for applications is fixed to 31th of Mai 2017. A first batch of grants will be awarded according to quality of candidates and availability of requested specialities in the Polytech schools.

The final deadline for application is fixed to 9th of June, 2017. the last grants will awarded before the 21th to 30th of June, 2017 in order to allow all selected students to engage administrative work for travel and enrollment.


The Polytech Excellence initiative is part of the IDEFI projects selected in 2012. More details can be found on the following website:

Investissements d'avenir

Polytech Excellence is developped in joint partnership with l'Agence Universitiare de la Francophonie et l'Union des Industries et des Métiers de la Métallurgie.